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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Top 5 Indian Blogger and their Adsense Earning

Blogger, Earning and Adsense are interrelated to each other. Every New blogger want to know how to get Adsense, How much earn from Adsense? In this post I do not talk about how to get Adsense or how much you earn from Adsense, But I talk about how much top Indian Blogger earn from Adsense ? and in  near future we try to Take interview of Indian Pro blogger . I think you already know about all peoples in this list.
So here is top 5 Google Adsense Earners in India

1.       Amit Aggarwal(

Alexa Rank : 2650
Estimated Adsense Revenue : $50,000 per month
Page Rank : 6
About Amit Aggarwal  : An IIT pass out Amit Agarwal quit his day job in the year 2004 and turned a full time blogger. He is first Indian blogger. They write about Computer software, Consumer Gadgets, Web Application, How to guide and many more.

2.       Amit Bhawani (

Main Blog: and
Alexa Rank of : 33,367
Estimated Adsense Earning : $30,000 per month
About Amit Bhawani : Amit Bhawani is a full time blogger form Indian and manage many High traffic blog some of them, In 2007 Amit Bhawani was start blogging with on Tech related topic and after that they staret many topic on and start some other Blogs.

3.       Harsh Aggarwal ( )

Site :
Adsense Earning : $15,000 per month
Alexa Rank : 3,519
About Harsh Aggarwal : Harsh Aggarwal quit his job at Convergys and become a professional blogger, they write about Wordpress, SEO, Blogging, Make Money online and many othee topic. Hersh main income not form Adsense.

4.       Jaspal Singh from
Founder:Jaspal Singh
Adsense Earning:$10,000/Month
Alexa Rank:21,121
About – Satpal is a  mechanical engineering graduate who took his blog at the peak of success in less than a year with his sheer dedication and ability to blog like a maniac. His other hobby is hitting the gym once his fingers get stressed.

5.      Prabh Desai (

Founder:Prabhu Desai
Adsense Earning:$9,000/Month
Alexa Rank:19,151
About : was Founded By Prabhu Desai.It is a Popular Business blog which Cover economic topics such as Business Trends,Forex Exchange,Internet Business,Financial News Etc.

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