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Sunday, 21 April 2019

Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Splash RO+UF 6-Litre Water Purifier


Having a best water purifier is now a necessity, and the quality of the groundwater is degrading with every passing day. So, it is essential for you to take some reliable and useful steps to provide your family with the best drinking quality. One of the easiest ways to get the best and purest drinking water is to install the most suitable water purifier at home to get assured of your family’s health. One purifier that can easily deal with any kind of water and has numerous features that make it an ideal buy for the home is the Eureka Forbes Aquasure Splash. With lots of features and an ideal filtration system, you wouldn’t find a better deal in this price range. Let’s dig deeper into the review of the Aquasure Splash so that you can decide whether you should buy it, or not.

Top 3 features of Eureka Forbes Aquasure Splash

As said, the Eureka Forbes Aquasure splash has numerous features that make it a perfect buy for the users. However, if we talk about the best, then three of the most talked about features of the purifier then they would be as follows.

1. Designer body

The first thing that you are going to notice about the Aquasure Splash is the modern design. With a floral pattern, this purifier goes perfectly well with almost every kitchen. In case you are willing to buy the great looking and efficient water purifier then Aquasure Splash would be an ideal buy for you. Apart from being great looks and design, the Aquasure Splash is extremely lightweight and easy to handle. The purifier weighs only 6 kg that makes it light enough to be used in the smallest wall of your kitchen. So, if looks are a priority for you, try getting the best deals on the Aquaguard Aquasure Splash to get the best value for your money.

2. Reliable purification method to make sure that you get purest and healthiest drinking water possible

The Aquasure Splash works on the special dual filtration techniques UF and Ro that make it one of the most reliable and efficient water purifier in the range. The company has perfectly blended two of the best techniques known for water purification.
If you are looking for the best water purification, then you should not look any further than the Aquasure Splash. The UF and RO techniques make sure that the water you are getting is perfectly pure and free from dissolved and undissolved impurities.
In all, if the purification process is of importance for you, you can completely rely on the Aquasure Splash.

3. Smart energy saving mode

With a reliable energy saving mode, the Aquasure Splash is one of the most energy efficient water purifier in the market. The intelligent system of the purifier turns off the purifier once the storage tank is full. This way, you won’t have to worry that your purifier is running 24*7.
So, if you are looking for an energy efficient and reliable water purifier for yourself, the Aquasure Splash would be an ideal choice for you.
Apart from these, there are numerous other functions and features that make it an ideal choice for your home. So, if you were looking for a compact and reliable water purifier for your family, you should not look any further than this amazing water purifier from Eureka Forbes.
To make the review complete, it is essential to know about the pros and cons of the product. So, here is the list of pros and cons of the Aquasure Splash that you should know as a buyer. Go through them, and know whether this purifier is right for your home, or not.
1.       Decent 6-liter water storage tank
2.       Efficient dual filtration (UF+RO)
3.       Energy saving mode
1.       Not for the bigger families


In all, if you are looking for a reliable, compact and energy efficient water purifier for your family and are looking for a good brand to rely on, then the Aquasure Splash UF+RO purifier would be an ideal choice for you. start looking for the best deals and offers for the product and buy it at the best possible price. Also Check kent water purifiers

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Bloggers' Interview: How it inspires newbies ?

If you are stepping into the field of blogging, then chances are quite high that you might be going through the blogs based on 'blogging' niche to learn some basic tips of blogging. Right? While going through them, have you got end up with any Interview article? The Interview of a successful blogger with the author!
Well, it is becoming trend nowadays. Bloggers' Interview are common to find. This is very good for the blogging community, and on the same time, for newbies in the blogging. Here's how bloggers' interview inspire newbies.
First and Foremost, Newbies come to know about successful bloggers
Blogging can bring good money or not? This is the question that strikes the newbies every now and then. The interview of successful bloggers answers it in a very good manner. Of course, in the start of every interview, blogger introduces him/herself. The newbies come to know about the successful names in blogging. This gives them a base to move on.
Newbies come to know about the difficulties in blogging
In every interview, the interviewer asks the blogger about his/her blogging journey. The answer of the blogger helps newbies understand that blogging is not about writing and publishing. There are many things involved in it. One needs to go through no. of ups and downs to get counted in the list of successful bloggers. This is very important that every newbie must be clear about the problems that he/she is going to face in blogging. In fact, this helps judge that if blogging is right for them or not?
It teaches newbies that patience matters a lot in blogging
Every blogger while giving his/her interview, tell about the start of his/her journey. Since the time the bloggers tell always is in years, so the newbies get the idea that blogging is not going to make them rich in a few days or months. It will take years, and then only they will get the results of their efforts. Patience is the key to success in blogging. This is what the bloggers' interview teaches newbies.
Overall; it helps newbies take right decision regarding blogging
The overall impact of bloggers' interview is that they give idea to the newbies that whether blogging is right for them or not? The newbies come to know about the difficulties, hard work that need to be done, and patience that is required in blogging. The sum-up of these helps newbies take the right decision about whether to move ahead in the field of blogging, or just stop thinking it as a way of making money online.

Top 5 Indian Blogger and their Adsense Earning

Blogger, Earning and Adsense are interrelated to each other. Every New blogger want to know how to get Adsense, How much earn from Adsense? In this post I do not talk about how to get Adsense or how much you earn from Adsense, But I talk about how much top Indian Blogger earn from Adsense ? and in  near future we try to Take interview of Indian Pro blogger . I think you already know about all peoples in this list.
So here is top 5 Google Adsense Earners in India

1.       Amit Aggarwal(


Alexa Rank : 2650

Estimated Adsense Revenue : $50,000 per month

Page Rank : 6
About Amit Aggarwal  : An IIT pass out Amit Agarwal quit his day job in the year 2004 and turned a full time blogger. He is first Indian blogger. They write about Computer software, Consumer Gadgets, Web Application, How to guide and many more.

2.       Amit Bhawani (

Main Blog: and

Alexa Rank of : 33,367

Estimated Adsense Earning : $30,000 per month
About Amit Bhawani : Amit Bhawani is a full time blogger form Indian and manage many High traffic blog some of them, In 2007 Amit Bhawani was start blogging with on Tech related topic and after that they staret many topic on and start some other Blogs.

3.       Harsh Aggarwal ( )

Site :

Adsense Earning : $15,000 per month

Alexa Rank : 3,519
About Harsh Aggarwal : Harsh Aggarwal quit his job at Convergys and become a professional blogger, they write about Wordpress, SEO, Blogging, Make Money online and many othee topic. Hersh main income not form Adsense.

4.       Jaspal Singh from
Founder:Jaspal Singh
Adsense Earning:$10,000/Month
Alexa Rank:21,121
About – Satpal is a  mechanical engineering graduate who took his blog at the peak of success in less than a year with his sheer dedication and ability to blog like a maniac. His other hobby is hitting the gym once his fingers get stressed.

5.      Prabh Desai (

Founder:Prabhu Desai
Adsense Earning:$9,000/Month
Alexa Rank:19,151
About : was Founded By Prabhu Desai.It is a Popular Business blog which Cover economic topics such as Business Trends,Forex Exchange,Internet Business,Financial News Etc.

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